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NEWS and Updates

  • IMPORTANT NOTICE: The New Mexico Credentialing Board for Behavioral Health Professionals (NMCBBHP, INC.) recognizes the challenges posed by the current COVID-19 situation.  The board is teleworking to keep certification processes moving as normally as possible and meet your needs. 

    Certification applications are being accepted and processed as usual. Certification examinations are not being scheduled at this time as most testing centers are closed.  This includes the state certification exams for Peers, Family Peers and Wraparound Facilitators


    We are well aware that face-to-face trainings, conferences have been canceled or postponed during this health emergency situation which may result in difficulties re-certifying credentials on or before expiration dates.  In order for the Board to consider an extension of your certification if one is needed due to training shortages, please send in your re-certification packet PRIOR to its expiration date along with the CEU’s that you have completed and note which are missing.  At that time, the Board can provide an extension of up to 90 days beyond your expiration date to re-certify your credential.  At this time, NMCBBHP will waive the late fee for any certified professional who requested an extension due to a lack of training opportunities to meet CEU requirements, if application is submitted before the expiration of a certificate.  There are an increased the number of CE hours for online courses and the Board will waive its limit on online credit of 50% in order to accommodate the inclusion of up to 100% of CEU’s online until further notice. 

    Contact NMCBBHP at info@nmcbbhp.org if you have any questions.  Please stay safe and healthy.  
  • Greetings to all
  • First, I hope that this email finds each of you and your family members to be healthy and well.  I am sure this email comes as no surprise to anyone at this point--due to COVID-19 prevention protocols that are in place state-wide, NMCBBHP is canceling the April 24th General Board Meeting at this time with hopes to reschedule when it is safe and permissible to do so.  The NMCBBHP Executive Board plans to continue to provide our members and community partners with valuable customer service while we do our best to continue to modify operations to keep all our credentialed members and community partners safe and healthy.  Please stay connected with the NMCBBHP by visiting us online at: http://www.nmcbbhp.org/  and you can also email us at: info@nmcbbhp.org  for general board questions that you have and we will do our best to be back in touch with you in a timely manner.   I wish each of you safety, health, and general wellness,

    Ginny Adame,
    Chair for the New Mexico Credentialling Board for Behavior Health Professionals

  • IC&RC computer based testing has been halted until further notice
  • Here is the updated, approved CPSW Code of Ethics.  Please review, print, sign and return the entire document to the board AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.  Keep a copy for your records
  • The CE provider applications are currently under revision and the in the interim, providers applying must submit the following along with their application: provider history, instructor qualifications, trainer bios and the name of the courses to be offered. See here
  • Senior Certified Prevention Specialist Application is open and we are accepting applications.  Visit forms to view requirements.
  • All Prevention professionals (CPI, PS, SCPS) must sign a new code of when re-certifying your credential. 
  • The Prevention Code of Ethics has been revised and  PS Application Packet will be updated.  All Certified Prevention Specialists, Certified Prevention Interns and Senior Certified Prevention Specialist will need to sign this update ethics.  View it

Who is IC&RC?

Evidence Based-Practices

Quality and integrity are the foundation of IC&RC’s work. IC&RC’s products use the latest research on evidence-based practices, and they are updated every five years and subjected to an extensive process of peer review. 

The Patient / Client - to assure competent, professional alcohol and other drug abuse services to persons suffering from chemical dependency; to improve the quality of service being provided to the client and family members.
The Public - to assure professional competency, which will meet standards required for licensing, accreditation, and third-party payers.
The Alcohol and other Drug Abuse Professionals - to provide a respected, marketable credential of professional competency; to enhance the role of the addiction professional in alcohol and other drug abuse treatment and prevention.
The Profession - to provide a method whereby the highest professional standards can be established, maintained and updated.

IC&RC promotes public protection by offering internationally-recognized reciprocal credentials and examinations for prevention, substance use treatment, and recovery professionals.

IC&RC is the globally recognized resource for prevention, substance use treatment, and recovery credentialing.

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Who Benefits

NMCBBHP is a proud member of 

The New Mexico Credentialing Board for Behavioral Health Professionals (NMCBBHP) is a proud member of the International Certification and Reciprocity Consortium/Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse (IC&RC) for the purpose of credentialing qualified alcohol and drug counselors, criminal justice professionals, and prevention specialists. IC&RC standards and exams are used exclusively by IC&RC Boards. NMCBBHP, Inc., is independently run and operated with their own jurisdictionally specific processes. 

Welcome to the NMCBBHP!  We exist to provide certification for substance abuse counselors and prevention specialist in the state of New Mexico.  Through NMCBBHP certification and renewals, addiction professionals ensure they are maintaining continuing education requirements and ethical standards of care for their clients. Whether you are seeking certification through the NMCBBHP, an agency seeking certified treatment professionals, or a provider of continuing education opportunities, we hope this website will be a valuable tool for you.