New Mexico  Credentialing Board for Behavioral Health Professionals, Inc. 


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Do I already have a Certemy account or do I need to sign up?

Anyone that has held a credential with NMCBBHP has an account with Certemy already that is link to the email address NMCBBHP has on file.  Please use this email address to reset your password and then login to access your account.  If you aren't sure what email address is on file, please contact us at info@nmcbbhp.org.

Please do not create  a new or multiple accounts, we can get  your email address updated in Certemy if need be.

How do I login the first time?

In the email that you received with instruction on how to login the first time, use that email address to login and the password provided in that email.  You can change your password anytime after you have logged in.   Contact the board if you need help with your email address - using "email assistance" as the subject.

If I already sent in my recertification packet, do I need to do recertify on Certemy?

If you already sent in your recertification packet by email or mail, do not recertify on Certemy, we will upload your information and if you recertification is pending you can upload documents, i.e., training certificates, supervisor endorsement or original certificate.  You can login and review your information.  

How do I know when my application has been sent to NMCBBHP for review?

Each tab will have a green dot on it, meaning each has been completed.  If the tab has a clear, yellow or red dot that means that the step still needs to be completed