​New Mexico Teen Court Association

Provider # 1017  until 9/22/18

Peter DeBenedittis, Ph.D.

Provider # 1020  until  6/21/18


San Juan County Partnership, Inc.

Provider # 1022  until 9/5/18


Southwest Center for Health Innovation

Provider # 1031 until 10/25/18


The New Mexico Credentialing Board for Behavioral Health Professionals understands that the rapidly changing character and increasing complexity of our society demands that professionals maintain competency by continuously updating professional knowledge and skills.  To that end, the NMCBBHP requires all certified individuals to participate in annual on-going educational events.  Certified professionals are required to submit verification that they have completed the specified number of continuing education units (CEUs) required to maintain certification (each certification level requires a specified type of CEUs annually.  The NMCBBHP manages a certified population of over 250 professionals in addiction, prevention and peer recovery.  In keeping with that, we have implemented a system to assure that only qualified educational providers are approved to offer CEUs that reflect professional education standards and current, relevant and accurate course content.  NMCBBHP approved providers are charged with the responsibility of conducting education event that reflect current needs in the field and are in keeping with NMCBBHP published policies and procedures, as described herein.

If you are interested in becoming a CE provider to be a recognized training provider with New Mexico Credentialing Board for Behavioral Health Professionals (NMCBBHP).  Review the NMCBBHP Standards and Guidelines to understand requirements for becoming a CE provider. 


​Kamama Consulting

Provider #1021 until  9/30/18


Kesselman-Jones, Inc.

Provider # 1014  until  4/23/18


Nadine Tafoya, MSW, LCSW

Provider # 1027 until  3/24/18


Native American Training Institute, Inc.

Provider # 1023  until 3/24/18



New Mexico  Credentialing Board for Behavioral Health Professionals, Inc. 

Training offered by these groups is automatically approved.

NM Behavioral Health Services Division

Department of Health

Office of Peer Recovery and Engagement

NM License and Therapy Practice Board

Depression with Bipolar Support Alliance 

Institute for Recovery and Community Integration

Office of Substance Abuse Prevention

Magellan Health Services

National Association of Peer Specialits

Mental Health America

Psychosocial Rehabilitation Association of NM Annual Conference


Life Link Training Institute



Any Accredited University and/or Community College

Accredited Behavioral Health, Mental Health and Medical Institutions