New Mexico  Credentialing Board for Behavioral Health Professionals, Inc. 

Certified Family Peer Support Worker CEU List

Agencies or Conferences Accepted
FREDLA  (Family-Run Executive Directors Leadership Association)
Federation of Families For Children’s Mental Health
Brass Tacs
Pacer Center Conferences and Trainings
Native American Disability Law Center Conference
Parents Reaching Out Conference
EPICS Conference
Families ASAP Trainings and Conferences
Wright’s Law Conference
COPAA Conference
Head to Toe Conference
Children’s Law Institute Conference
Southwest Disabilities Conference
Disability Rights Trainings and Conferences
PSRANM (For Peer and Family Ethics, Cultural Competency and any related topics listed below)

Topic Areas Accepted
Children’s Mental Health or Behavioral Health Related Trainings
Wraparound related trainings
Systems of Care Trainings or Children’s Mental Health Systems Trainings and Conferences
Children’s Education related trainings:  Special Education, IEPs, 504’s, Behavior trainings, etc.
Prevention Trainings
Family Engagement Trainings
Child Protective Service, Juvenile Justice, Early Childhood, Infant Mental Health Trainings
Suicide Prevention
Mental Health First Aid
System of Care Trainings
Youth Transition Trainings
Family Leadership Trainings
Parenting Classes
Motivational Interviewing or other Mental Health Practice Trainings

Some adult oriented mental health and behavioral health trainings are allowed - but will be decided on a case by case basis and should not be more than 25% of total CEUs.

Certified Wraparound Facilitator CEU recertification information can be located at the NM WRAPAROUND CARES

Certification for the CFPSW, CPSW, and CWF

These certifications were developed in collaboration with the Office of Peer Recovery and Engagement, CYFD/BHS, NM CARES, and NMSU.  These certifications are only available in the state of New Mexico.  These certifications do not reflect the IC&RC standards and are eligible for reciprocity. 

The NMCBBHP provides examinations for these certifications.  Individuals who are interested in the Peer Support Worker, Family Peer Support Worker, or the Wraparound Facilitator certification, complete training, test, and pass are considered certified with NMCBBHP and will renew through the NMCBBHP 

To see information about the certification requirements and how to apply for training for each of these certifications, click on the certification.

Certified Family Peer Support Worker  

Certified Peer Support Worker

Certified Wraparound Facilitator

If you are currently certified and due to recertify, we have moved the process for recertification online through Certemy, which is an online application.  The recertification information and process have not changed.  See the recertification and Certemy if you are ready to recertify.

See lists of approved providers for renewal hours for each certification below.  Questions about specific training should be made to their respective training agency.  

CPSW Acceptable CE Providers and Course for Re-certification

 The following providers and courses for the forty (40) CE’s will be accepted for CPSW/CFPSW  re-certification:

  • (REQUIRED) Cultural Competency (6 hours)
  • (REQUIRED) Ethics in Counseling or Professional or Legal and Ethical (6 hours)
  • Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance (www.dbsalliance.org) – Peer-centered conferences and training services;
  • Institute for Recovery & Community Integration (www.mhrecovery.org) – Offers Peer Support trainings; http://www.mhrecovery.org/continuing-education1/
  • Life Link Training Institute (www.lltraininginstitute.org) – Workshops and training sessions held at the facility in Santa Fe;
  • Magellan Health Services:  http://www.magellanprovider.com/education/ceus-and-cmes.aspx) – Provides online training for behavioral health providers;
  • National Association of Peer Specialists (www.naops.org) – links to several entities that offer peer specialist training and the annual NAPS conference;
  • New Mexico Credentialing Board of Behavioral Health Professionals trainings and links to online training; http://www.nmcbbhp.org/ceu-provider.html
  • New Mexico Highlands University (www.nmhu.edu) – online classes, as well as onsite classes at Las Vegas and Albuquerque campuses;  http://www.nmhu.edu/current-students/undergraduate/social-work/continuing-education-workshops/
  • University of New Mexico Continuing Education Dept. -  offers substance abuse studies training programs; http://ce.unm.edu/professional/health-pro/sastp.php
  • Mental Health America ( http://www.mentalhealthamerica.net/ ) – National conference provides opportunities to strengthen wellness through advocacy and education;
  • www.CE4LESS.COM  – Social Work CEUs;
  • CEQUICK. COM – NM Alcohol & Drug Counseling hours:   https://mha.academy.reliaslearning.com/
  • Psychosocial Rehabilitation Association of New Mexico annual conference. http://www.psranm.com/
  • Free State Social Work LLC  
  • NM Opioid SOR  
  • ​Office of Peer Recovery and Engagement (OPRE)  

The review committee of NMCBBHP, Inc. will review other credible, documented credential related continuing education hour event (including conferences) on a case by case basis for approval. There will be charge of $5 per credit to review education contact hours earned through a non-approved NMCBBHP provider.  We will not accept certificates of attendance with no CE hours provided or without a signature. Refer to the checklist form for assistance in completing your CPSW renewal.  

Questions related to the training resources listed above, please contact OPRE.