Family Peer Support Worker

What is a Family Support Work? The Family Support Worker (FPSW) supports parents and other primary caregivers to ensure that their voice is heard, that their preferences are incorporated into their children's plan of care, and that their natural support systems are strengthened.  The FPSW helps families gain the knowledge, skills and confidence to effectively manage their own needs and ultimately move to more family independence.  The FPSW serves as a role model demonstrating effective relationships, interactions, and behaviors, sharing his or her experience as appropriate to establish a bond on similar experience.  

The Family Peer Support Worker uses strengths-based and culturally sensitive approach that recognizes individual youth and family identify, cultural history, life experiences, beliefs and preferences.

What are the requirements to become a Family Peer Support Worker?  Family Peer Support Workers are primary caregivers who have "lived experience" of being actively involved in raising a child who experiences emotional, behavioral, mental health and/or substances use challenges.  This includes young people with  neurobiological differences as well as those diagnosed with a serious emotional disorder of substance abuse disorder. 

How do you get certified?  Family Peer  Support Workers have experience navigating child-serving systems and have received specialized training to empower other families who are raising children with similar experiences.  Specific requirements include: 

Successful completion of a 40 hour training program

  • 18 years of age or older
  • Valid New Mexico mailing address
  • Valid New Mexico Driver's License
  • High School diploma or GED
  • Parent or other family member of a child or youth who has received a diagnoses of Serious Emotional Disturbance and has received mental health and/or substance use treatment and support services.
  • Ability to manage your own well being

What is the curriculum? The FREDLA  Parent Peer Support Practice Mode Training Curriculum is the foundation for teaching the Certified Family Peer Support Specialists philosophy and skills.   This training will introduce and teach the elements of the family peer support necessary to understand and implement the practice.  Participants will be given the opportunity to practice the skills needed to be a family peer support specialist in the training.  This training is a certification requirement and is provided by the CYFD Behavioral Health Services Family Engagement Team.  This training is a 40-hour training commitment.  Participants will be awarded a certificate of completion and 40 CEU's which will then allow them to become eligible to take the certification test through the NM Credentialing Board for Behavioral Health Professionals.

Full Practice Model Schedule:

There are three options for training:  Parent Peer Support Provider Training (PPSP), Supervisor Training and Train the Trainer.

Full Practice Model Schedule

PPSP Training

PPSP Supervisor TrainingTrain the TrainerCoaching​
5 days 3 days5 daysN/A

PPSP participants notebook

(including ethics workbook)

training supplies for activities,

evaluation/data collection, 

certificate of completion.

PPSP Supervisor

participant notebook

(including ethics workbook),

training supplies for activities

evaluation/data collection,

certificate of completion

PPSP trainer guide,

PPSP Supervisor


Monthly Coaching via

virtual/phone across a

12 month period for the

year, 8 hours a month.

18 participants
10 participants
8 participants
8 hours monthly

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

What trainings do I need to take if I want to become a Certified Family Peer Support Worker in New Mexico?  You will need to complete the 5-day (40-hour) PPSP Training  Future trainings will be scheduled by CYFD BHS.

What trainings do I need to take if I will be a Family Peer Support Worker Supervisor trained in the FREDLA Parent Peer Support Practice Model?  You will need to take the 3 Days PPSP Supervisor Training. Future trainings will be schedule by CYFD BHS.

What trainings do I need to take if I would like to become a trainer in the FREDLA Parent Peer Support Practice Model, in order to train future potential Certified Family Peer Workers in New Mexico?  Individuals approved by CYFD BHS will need to take all three weeks of training to include the PPSP Training, Supervisor Training and the Train the Trainer training.  Once you have completed the training, you will receive up to 8 hours of coaching a month by FREDLA via virtual/phone.  You will need to train a minimum of 2 trainings per year, coordinated with CYFD BHS, once you have completed the PPSP Train the Trainer curriculum in order to keep your trainer status.

Where can I find the documents and/or forms to start the process?  Individuals interested in learning more and/or considering applying, scroll down the page and you will find a list of the documents and applications.  If you are interested in becoming a train a trainer or are a supervisor, inform Nicole when you submit your application. Review the CFPSW checklist for information on how to apply, the application process and what will happen after you have applied.  Email Nicole if you have any questions about the process, form and training.       

When is the training? Initial trainings are scheduled to occur on the dates below:

 March 18 - 22, 2019

Where is the Training  be held?

Children, Youth and Families Department

300 San Mateo NE, Albuquerque, NM  87108

Deadline for applications?  

Application  deadline is Feb 22, 2019.  Apply Early and SEND APPLICATIONS TO:

Who to contact if interested?  

Please contact CYFD BHS Family Engagement Specialist: 

​Nicole Montoya - Jones (505) 795-0261

Behavioral Health Services (505) 827-8008


To View and/or Print information on Certified Family Peer Worker click on the links below:

Application Forms

News:  Behavioral Health Services is pleased to announce the next round of  Family Peer Support Workers, Supervisors and Trainers in the Parent Peer Support Provider Practice Model Curriculum by Millie Sweeney with FREDLA (Family Run Executive Director Leadership Association) New Dates to announced soon

Dates for the next trainings are below:  March 18  - 22, 2019

  • Parent Peer Support Provider Training: 
  • Supervisor Parent Peer Support Provider Training: 

The trainings will be held in Albuquerque, NM.  All Interested are encouraged to apply early.  Application Deadline is Feb 22, 2019.   Start your application and SEND COMPLETED APPLICATIONS TO:

Scroll down for applications


New Mexico  Credentialing Board for Behavioral Health Professionals, Inc. 

Family Peer Support Worker (CFPSW)