Certified Peer Support Worker


New Mexico  Credentialing Board for Behavioral Health Professionals, Inc. 

Are you interested in becoming certified as a CPSW?  You must successfully complete the CPSW training and pass the CPSW exam.  1st step is to complete an application, return it to OPRE and someone from OPRE will contact you for more information and determine whether you are eligible to participate in the training.  This board will notify you when to take the exam.  To download application for training here is the CPSW Application
SAMHSA Peer Support Worker.   Learn about the foundation and essential core competencies required by a range of peer workers within behavioral health services
: http://www.samhsa.gov/brss-tacs/core-competencies-peer-workers


Please follow the provided links to find more information regarding the Peer Support program in New Mexico.

Visit OPRE NM Network Of Care which includes information about OPRE application for training and CEU resources

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For re-certification of your CPSW/CFS certificate, here is a list of courses that have been approved for CE hours. There are links for the agency providing training.  Here is list for print

CPSW/CFS Acceptable CE Providers and Course for Re-certification

 The following providers and courses for the forty (40) CE’s will be accepted for CPSW/CFS   re-certification:


The review committee of NMCBBHP, Inc. will review other credible, documented credential related continuing education hour event (including conferences) on a case by case basis for approval. There will be charge of $5 per credit to review education contact hours earned through a non-approved NMCBBHP provider.  We will not accept certificates of attendance with no CE hours provided or without a signature. Refer to the checklist form for assistance in completing your CPSW renewal.  

Questions related to the training resources listed above, please contact OPRE.

Any questions related to your CPSW re-certification can be sent to info@nmcbbhp.org