​The New Mexico Certification Board for Behavioral Health Professionals, Inc. provide certification services for the International Certification & Reciprocity Consortium (IC&RC). 

Certification is a form of credentialing, a voluntary regulation of a profession. It is the process by which a non-government organization grants recognition to persons who have met certain standards. Certification is designed to promote and maintain integrity and quality. The NMCBBHP certification was developed by alcohol and other drug abuse professionals for alcohol and other drug abuse professionals. The competency - based, peer review process measures and tests the knowledge and skills of an individual prior to awarding the credential. Certification Process.

​Review the certification requirements of the credential you wish to apply for and determine whether you meet all the requirements. NOTE:  Applicants applying to the

NMCCBHP must satisfy the residency/work requirement, must live and/or work at least 51% of the time within the jurisdiction of the NMCBBHP when applying for initial certification.

Candidates for examination must meet all requirements and submit a portfolio containing completed application as well as the following:

  • - Residency requirement of living/working in the state of New Mexico 51% of the time. 
  • - Documentation of certificates of education & training
  • - Supervised practicum training
  • - Verification of employment
  • - Supervisor's Evaluation Form
  • - Peer and outside agency support letters;
  • - Signed Application; Code of Ethics; Statement of Understanding/Authorization to Release
  • - Application review and examination fee;  Fees are listed here


The Application Process

  • All applicants for certification are required to complete a formal application (available to download and print).
  • All required documentation must be included with submission; any documents not submitted will delay the review and will require an additional review fee.
  • Please refer to check list in the application packet.
  • Application deadlines: January 1, April 1, July 1, October 1
    • Once this application has been completed by the applicant, it is submitted to the Certification board with all required documentation for review. 
  • The Board's certified Alcohol & Drug Counselor and Prevention professionals will review the application for completeness and content. 
    • If all application criteria has been met, the applicant for certification will be sent information regarding testing.
    • If the application criterion has not been met, the applicant will be notified of what information is missing from the application.
    • Applicant must provide documents before next application deadline.
    • Application will be re-reviewed upon submission of missing documentation. Review fees apply. 
  • An exam registration form will be sent along with an approval letter; this form must be returned with payment if required to verify their seat for the exam date.

The Exam Process

  • We are in the process of transferring over to Computer Based Testing (CBT).  More information will be posted at a later date before the next exam cycle.

NOTE: Credentials that do not require examination include: Certified Prevention Intern (CPI) which is an entry level credential and the Senior Certified Prevention Specialist

(SCPS) is an advanced level which includes a PS prerequisite. 

After the Exam.....

  • The credential individual is certified for two years and will need to renew the certificate before the certification period ends.
  • Renewal process

CPSW applicants must contact the Office of Peer Recovery and Engagement for application and requirements for training.  Once you have successfully completed training, you will be notified of the exam date.  Click here for more information.

Certification available for the following Credentials:

  • Certified Prevention Intern (CPI)
  • Certified Prevention Specialist (PS) - IC&RC
  • Senior Certified Prevention Specialist (SCPS)  IC&RC
  • Certified Alcohol & Drug Counselor (CADC)   IC&RC
  • Certified Clinical Supervisor (CS)  IC&RC
  • Certified Criminal Justice Addictions Professional (CCJP)  IC&RC
  • Certified Peer Specialist Worker (CPSW)



To assist in the exam process, IC&RC offers Candidate Guides to student, interns and teachers.  These guides are in PDF format and are available for download below:

Certified Alcohol & Drug Counselor

Certified Clinical Supervisor

Certified Prevention Specialist

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The New Mexico Credentialing Board for Behavioral Health Professionals (NMCBBHP, INC.) recognizes the challenges posed by the

current COVID-19 situation.  The board is teleworking to keep certification processes moving as normally as possible and meet your needs. 

Certification applications are being accepted and processed as usual. Certification examinations are not being scheduled at this time as most testing

centers are closed.  This includes the state certification exams for Peers, Family Peers and Wraparound Facilitators


We are well aware that trainings are being canceled or postponed during this health emergency situation which may result in difficulties re-certifying credentials on or before expiration dates.  In order for the Board to consider an extension of your certification if one is needed due to training shortages, please send in your re-certification packet PRIOR to its expiration date along with the CEU’s that you have completed and note which are missing.  At that time, the Board can provide an extension of up to 90 days beyond your expiration date to re-certify your credential.  At this time, NMCBBHP will waive the late fee for any certified professional who requested an extension due to a lack of training opportunities to meet CEU requirements.  There are an increased the number of CE hours for online courses and the Board will waive its limit on online credit of 50% in order to accommodate the inclusion of up to 100% of CEU’s online until further notice. 

 Contact NMCBBHP at info@nmcbbhp.org if you have any questions.  Please stay safe and healthy.  

IC&RC Certifications


New Mexico  Credentialing Board for Behavioral Health Professionals, Inc.