New Mexico  Credentialing Board for Behavioral Health Professionals, Inc. 

You can choose to take your exam IN PERSON or ONLINE for the Peer Support, Family Peer Support, or the Wraparound Facilitator Exam for Certification. Read this information before creating an account.    For a printed version of this information, click here to download

The exam is available as a (computer-based exam) which can be taken in-person at a testing center or it can be taken online on a secure site.

In order to be scheduled for an exam, you must have completed the Peer Worker, Family Peer, or Wraparound Facilitator training by uploading a letter or training certificate into Certemy.  You will apply (self-enroll) on Certemy to register to take the exam.  

What is Certemy?
NMCBBHP has launched a new fully online platform for submitting applications and renewals for NMCBBHP certifications. This platform allows professionals to submit all applications, schedule an exam and complete the renewal process by uploading documents 100% online as they complete them. The purpose of this is to hopefully streamline the application process and to improve communications between NMCBBHP and you.

Steps to get scheduled to test for the Peer Support Worker, Family Peer Support Worker, Wraparound Facilitator exam and become certified as a CPSW, CFPSW, or CWF.

  • Apply for an account on Certemy, complete the application with your information, upload a letter or training certificate, read and sign the Peer Code of Ethics & the Statement of Understanding

  • Select an exam type, the two options to take an exam with the testing company (Prometric/SMT):
    • ‚ÄčAn in-person exam is taken at a testing location within NM.  If the applicant chooses the in-person exam, they must provide 3 different dates for testing.
    • Online exam, which is accessible 24/7, the applicant's method of testing (laptop, computer, tablet) must allow for a system readiness check. 

In-Person:  This board will Pre-register the applicant with the testing company. 

  • The applicant will receive an email from the Testing Company (SMT/IQT Quality Testing, Inc.), where the applicant will log in to confirm and/or update the registration information
  • Confirm an in-person date and time to test
  • Locate a test center for an in-person exam.
  • The applicant will receive an admission document for the in-person exam, which they must take with them on their exam date to the testing center.
  • The applicant will show up for the exam, present a DL/ID, the admission letter and follow all in-person testing procedures at the test center. (follow COVID safety practices)
  • Complete the exam, preliminary results will be provided to the applicant.

If an applicant chooses an Online exam, the board will pre-register the applicant with the testing company.

  • The exam is Real-time scheduling 24/7 on any device (i.e., desktop or mobile)
  • Complete a system readiness check on the device the applicant will use to take the online exam.  Here is the information to do this before scheduling.  Check here for the tool:  https://rpcandidate.prometric.com/
  • Allow the testing company to download software to be used during the exam session.
  • The exam clock does not start until the applicant successfully completes a tutorial outlining the test engine functions. 
  • Complete the exam; preliminary results will be provided to the applicant.

An email will be provided by the testing company to this board about a completed exam when results are available.

After an applicant has passed the exam, the applicant must, (with the exception of CWF):

  • Complete the forty (40) hours of pre-exposure from a pre-approved agency who will provide oversight and verify the hours completed.  Or the Family Peer Internship form
  • The applicant will upload the completed form into Certemy by logging into their profile.
  • Board review/Verification of information submitted
  • Certification for CPSW, CFPSW, or CWF is approved.  A certificate is available in the "digital wallet" which can be downloaded and printed

If an applicant has not passed the exam, and the applicant wants to retest, the applicant must request a retest through Certemy and pay the exam fee of $67.  Payment can be made through Certemy. The retest fee may be covered, please check with the training agency (CYFD/NMSU or BHSD/OPRE).  When the applicant is approved to test, they will start the process for scheduling an exam. 

Special Accommodations are available for applicants that request them.  There is a (Request for Special Accommodations) form that must be completed, returned to the board before an applicant can schedule an exam.  Email the board at info@nmcbbhp.org to request the form  The exam will be scheduled after confirmation from the Prometric/SMT with the requested Special Accommodations available at the Prometric Testing Center.  Please note that if a request is made, COVID may impact the scheduling and/or arrangements for in-person testing,  We will work with the applicant and/or agency.

Contact the NMCBBHP Board for more information or questions at info@nmcbbhp.org


NMCBBHP Exam Process