Renewal application for Certified Family Peer Support Worker

Renewal Application for Certified Wraparound Facilitator

Checklist for CPSW renewal

Checklist for CFPSW renewal

 Checklist for CWF Renewal 

Re-Certification application form for CPSW renewal

Late Fee of $100 will be required for a late renewal, which is when your certificate has expired and you are applying to renew.

The fee must be included with your application.  Click on the button to the right to pay the fee.   

Renewal forms for CPSW, CWF and CFPSW

CE Hour review fee for Non- approved providers   $5.00 per CE hour  

RENEWAL (re-certification) Process

Here is the process which applies to all credentials and certification, the type of CE hours required may differ, check below on what hours are required for your credential.

The re-certification process includes submitting documentation of forty (40) hours of continued education course and training related to YOUR specific credential. The CEU hours must have been accumulated during your certification period.  Follow the check-list to start the process of gathering all the required documents.  

Fill out application and sign it.
List all training and educational events on the Training Summary Form. 

  • Title of training/course;
  • Sponsor/Organization/Instructor’s name or NMCBBHP Approved Provider #;
  • Date of training;
  • Number of Continuing Education hours provided.
  • Include copies of transcripts and continuing education certificates. (training certificates must be signed by trainer and state the number of CE hours provided for course.
  • Provide copies of all training attended
  • NOTE: No more than 50% of CE hours can be from online courses.  If you are the trainer for a course, you can claim 25% of the approved CEs as your CEUs for renewal

Include a letter of endorsement by your current Supervisor.  The letter must be signed and on agency letterhead.  

If you are unemployed, provide a letter from a colleague or peer who can attest to your work in field of counseling, prevention or peer support services.  

Include your current Original Certificate. A new certificate will be issued for the credential being renewed. 

There is no fee for renewing your certificate.  

Make a copy of your application and documents for your records.

The application, documents and fee (if required) must be sent sixty (60) days prior to the expiration date in order to allow time for the review.  It is best to get the re-certification application and any documents available submitted before a certification expires in order to avoid a late fee.  If there are any documents missing or issues related to a late submission, please include a note/letter which explains the situation and/or how soon this information  will be sent.  

Expired Credential:  When your certificate is expired, you are considered non-certified and your credential will be placed on inactive status.  This board must receive a completed application with required documentation and be approved within 90 days of certificate expiration date.  A late fee must be included with the application certification.  (Inactive status means that your credential is no longer valid until it is reinstated)

The following Continuing Education hours are required for CPSW, CWF and CFPSW - NM State Credentials as a part of the overall 40 CEU hours:

Certified Peer Support Worker (CPSW):
Six (6) hours must be of counseling, professional or legal ethics
Six (6) hours must be in Cultural Competency
Twenty-eight (28) hours must be in Behavioral Health, Social Work hours and/or related to peer support services.

Certified Wraparound Facilitator (CWF)
Six (6) hours must be professional ethics and responsibilities in a behavioral health field or in cultural humility; 
Twelve (12) hours of the NM Wraparound CARES training curriculum OR other wraparound specific trainings approved by the CYFD-BHS Wraparound Unit and NMSU Wraparound Designee. These hours must be related to the performance domains of Wraparound Values and Elements; Engagement; Action Planning; Teaming; Safety planning; Coordination, Prioritization and Mobilization of Time and Other Resources. 
Remaining hours must be related to Behavioral Health and Mental Health and such as: SED and SMI diagnosis, Trauma Informed Practices, Child and Adolescent Development, Motivational Interviewing, Nurtured Heart Approach etc. All remaining hours must be approved by NM Wraparound CARES CYFD/BHS Wraparound unit.

Certified Family Peer Support Worker (CFPSW)
Six (6) hours must be in professional ethics and responsibilities
Six (6) hours must be in Cultural Competency
Twenty-eight hours must be related to the performance domains of Family Peer Support Values; Engagement; Skill Building; Teaming and Coordination; Prioritization and Mobilization of Time and Other Resources.

Other CE hours that are earned through Non-approved providers will require a fee for a review of those hours and must include an agenda of the training, course 
description and/or syllabus.   


New Mexico  Credentialing Board for Behavioral Health Professionals, Inc.